All About Design Talk

22. April 2018



Design Talk with Peter Schreckensberger
University of Applied Art Vienna

Being a designer isn’t just about innovation or creation. A key factor of becoming a successful designer is being able to manage projects, time and resources. With the pressure of delivering a high quality product or a solution for a client’s problem, mastering the skills of self management, project management and time management are crucial. The question is, how can we acquire these skills and effectively apply them in our work?

Next week on Tuesday (24th of April) our guest speaker Peter Schreckensberger will answer this question and many more. He will share with you his expertise as both a designer and manager and will provide you with practical insights and advice which you can apply immediately in your life.

The talk will cover a variety of fascinating topics related to management such as the power of focus, dealing with deadlines, writing and organizing a project and creative thinking under pressure. Understanding these topics, which are often underestimated or not mentioned during our studies, will surely be beneficial for your future career.